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Artificial Bait Molix Jugulo Jerk 180 LC 30g Spinning

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Product Details



It 's been a long time since we started working

on the project for a long jerk Molix.

They hypothesized and prototyped several long jerk with features

more or less similar, but nothing convincing,

nothing that was worth to be put in the shop windows.

We wanted to do something different than the long jerk

already known and appreciated.

We have not given, because the brand Molix

in recent years has marked products that differentiate themselves

in the study of shapes, design, original ideas and effective solutions.

I could even say that a few years ago Molix trend to the point

that he made a space in the selective market of the rising sun.

So, after so long, so many designs and prototypes get the right ideas,

starting the first test, they choose the functional aesthetic solutions,

born a color chart and you face the last tests in strict Mediterranean and tropical seas.

Today, after three years from the first ideas and one year after

the first test I did in the first version of the water Jugulo Jerk 180LC

I am happy to announce the marketing of this new long jerk Molix.

The Jugulo Jerk 180LC is therefore a long jerk slow sinking,

18 cm long and weighs 30 grams.

Inside a solid and robust ABS body flows the entire length the armature,

which is of the through type, "full wire" stainless steel.

The Jugulo Jerk has been equipped with strong and solid anchors

to address many types of predators both at sea and on inland waters.

The internal system of weights DLS (Dynamic Load System)

will enable the angler to make long casts and precise even in cross winds.

The colors are made of 3D textures with resistant paints

and quality to last even under the most aggressive fish bites.

The real innovation, however, is in the front of the bait:

the special inclination of the lip in ABS placed in a very advanced

and close eyelet attachment or the pulling point.

This tilt causes less drag in the launch and less friction perceived

in the recovery phase and action of jerking.

The advanced placement provides great resistance to recover

fast and strong currents. In the recovery phase linear swimming it is tight,

clean and characterized by a rolling and wobbling "soft".

In the action of jerking the bait instead lurches widely left

and right without losing the correct alignment.

These are the characteristics of the new long jerk of Molix,

which has been allocated a name for fans is a guarantee of quality and success.

New Jugulo Jerk 180LC, you just have to try it!

Choose your favorite colors

Vincenzo Muscle Molix!



Here you can take a look at the swimming action idiot jugulo lc180,

Molix "new saltwater jerkbait (that some will use for freshwater).

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