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Molix artificial Snodato Jerk Bait 70

Item Code: JU70S-03

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Product Details


Jubar 70 Super Chart

The Jubar is a jointed jerkbait whose high performance is the result of long and careful studies based sull'osservazioni the behavior of fish feed in their natural environment.

The results of these investigations led to the creation of an artificial composed of two pieces accurately calibrated and stabilized between them, which movement is enhanced by a series of internal weights by which it is obtained the perfect balance and a swim very similar to that a real baitfish.

As achieved in terms of movement of the bait is made possible thanks to the innovative system BTS (Balanced Torsion System), a special partition of the artificial weights within which, combined with special resin used in the construction of the body, have enabled us to design a jerkbait with exceptional performance in any fishing condition.

The action of Jubar is floating, then work the bait in a depth range between the surface and 30.1 meters deep.

 The joints are made of stainless steel and high strength material that make it suitable for use with marine predators such as sea bass, the Serra, the Dolphin Fish, Barracuda, Lecce and small tropical fish for a half light.

In fresh water Jubar is suitable for fishing predators sedentary such as Black Bass, Pike, Perch, Asp, Perch and Trout Reale.


The Jubar is a bait very versatile and suitable for use in both marine and freshwater. The two distinct pieces accentuate the movement during recovery and give vitality to the bait even when the latter is held tightly on the water surface.

The best results are obtained in fresh water jerkando the artificial alternating recovery breaks more or less prolonged, trying to recreate the movement "jerky" typical of small fish fleeing the big predator.

Obviously the speed of execution will be determined based on the time of year and the fishing site chosen. In salt water, try taking the Jubar in traction in the presence of current, alternating the recovery with "stop & go" I decided, using the sprawl and irregular this bait.


Length: 90 mm

Action: Slow floating

Weight: 9.0 gr.

Rod suggested: Light - Medium Light fast tip action 5'.4 to 7'.0 length

Line suggested: 6 to 10 lbs Nylon or Fluorocarbon

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