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Spinning Rod Baitcasting Pro Master Series 6'6 '

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Product Details


This rod has a handle gun specifically for fishing with casting reels rotating case

The Baitcasting Pro series is designed for maximum versatility, as much as possible, to fish for predators with lures, especially suited for fishing for bass, pike, pike-perch and very suitable for fishing with bass and jerk ' baits of rubber.

Although it is primarily designed for freshwater fishing, its properties make it ideal for sea spinning.

The 'medium-heavy action of the stem is extremely versatile and allows to fish with jig or spinner bait.Il 100% high modulus carbon makes this rod is extremely sensitive, allowing you to feel in a distinct spot any irregularities or bottom. the EVA handle to 'high density and finish of every detail make this rod reliable, powerful and beautiful to see.

Technical Features

Length 6'6 "/1.98 m

- Sections 2

- Action MH - power 10-40gr

- Weight 164 gr - 9 rings

- Equipped with nylon case

- Recommended for fishing in Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, Rubber-jigs, Spinner Bait and Jerk Baits.

- Carbon high modulus -

performance improvement thanks to new construction methods to obtain the best balance combined with the utmost precision ball -

low weight thanks to innovative chrome-moly rings -

light weight with high fluidity and heat dissipation -






Lancia and it is recovered, then you just get to the sea to the lake a bit of swell and so launches a payback ... This is the spinning, a new fishing technique now booming in Italy and in Europe.

The fun and 'insured and with a good per-

Cliffs, harbors, beaches, lakes and rivers where the sites launch our artificial, never forgetting that the rough sea is almost a fixed rule

Despite the fishing action spinning both apparently very simple (just ... "launches and recovers", many say), the way in which this takes place is the key to winning catches important and fun.

The position in which you hold the spinning rod during recovery, the acquisition of gestures and power of the launch, are particular fundamental that often make the difference between a rich gionata catches and a day to empty.

We will see then how to best carry out this sport.


A well-executed launch and your guarantee for maximum results with minimum effort.

The movements and gestures of the 'fundamental and must be fluid and precise time of release. The basic concept for a launch, whatever it is, is that the right arm pushes and pulls the left. For example one of the errors more 'frequent is the left arm passive that does not pull, and the launch is done with one push of the right, without any leverage. Another fundamental aspect, according to the place from which the launch is performed, the starting position will be different.

So we need to get used to being able to launch in two ways: from the shoulders and side. The first launch is the most classic and simple to perform, with the barrel pointing behind our backs. And 'to keep in mind however that the angle with which this will be directed behind the shoulders will be slightly higher than the perpendicularity with the ground. This is because the spinning rods, charging quickly, does not require a long stroke to charge of the force that is necessary for the execution of a good launch. The second launch, the starting side, is carried out with the barrel positioned just to the side of themselves. It may be parallel to the ground or with the top most direct upward.

In both the launches the closing point will be with the barrel directed toward the point where it projects the artificial then following with the tip of the trajectory, to ensure that the thread is not braked and have a long throw and precise. The launch over the shoulders is indicated less in all places, except in those areas where the narrow space (narrow low cliffs crossed by rocky ridges towering) requires us to use the launch from the side. These two launches take them as a reference to hone your throwing technique, to create your own gestures, movements in short to you comfortable and practical to reach the bait a good distance in all places and in all situations.


The recovery phase, 'fundamental recovery by creating artificial life to your scenario just to ensure that your prey choose your artificial.

As you may have noticed, every bait when he recovered his strength and action in the water. Once established the ideal speed for the bait choice, we must be careful that we feel that the weight on the barrel, produced by this resistance, is homogeneous and is not altered by the current and the action of the wave.

This' can do this by having the feeling of being able to vary the speed of the winding in relation to the response of the bait in the recovery.

Two examples with the most typical situations:

Situation before entering the artificial wave is pushed toward the shore; we experience a decrease in resistance. Simply accelerating the recovery that we feel the weight on the rod will remain unchanged, and so will be accurate and correct swimming bait.

The second situation bait meets current contrary to his swimming, then the wave after it has broken on the shore causes the surf and our artificial tends to stop; It feels a strong tension caused by the current which collides head-on with the bait. At this point it will be 'vital to increase the recovery action to make more fluid and smooth movement of the bait that will have' a fundamental action in the capture of your prey.

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